Where did my variable go?

Part of the process of harmonizing HIGHERED samples over time involved combining two or more variables into one name. In some cases, the same information, collected using a similar survey question and/or universe, is given a different variable name between two years or surveys. For example, in 1993, the variable MRMEDP provides a code for the respondent's major in his/her most recent degree. In 2003, the same information was contained in a variable called NMRMEDP. The integrated variable NMRMED is the combination of MRMEDP and NMRMEDP so that one variable is comparable over time. As a general rule, we tended to choose the more recent name of the variable as the integrated variable name, but in some instances other names were chosen either for clarity or to keep naming conventions consistent among related variables. In addition, as a general rule, we removed the "p" or "pb" indicators for public use from any variable, as all variables offered on HIGHERED are for public use.

For researchers who are already familiar with HIGHERED, we provide the following table that identifies the integrated variables that original variables have been incorporated into. If you are looking for a particular variable and cannot find it on this page, email us at ipums@umn.org.

Original Variable Integrated Variable
acsin95 acsin
agercgp age
ageisdrp age
artc95p artc95
articlep article
baayr5p baayr5
ba03y5p ba03y5
bamemg nbamemg
bamedp nbamed
bapbp05c bapr05
bapbpr bapr
bargnp bargn
biryrp biryr
c25pb95 ch25
c2pb95 chu2
ccep acccep
ccfin95 ccfin
ch2in95 ch2in
ch25in95 ch25in
chtotpb chtot
dgpdgyp dgpdgy
dgpedpb dgped
dgrmedp ndgmed
dgrmemg ndgmemg
emrgp emrg
emsecpb emsec
expftpb expft
expptpb exppt
fnvspub fnvs
frrshi95 frrshi
grbalpb grbal
grloanpb grloan
hd03y5p hd03y5
hday5p hday5
hdrgn hdrgnx
hdrgnp hdrgn
hhincp hhinc
hrswkp hrswkgr
hsyrp hsyrgr
loseyrp loseyr
mr03y5p mr03y5
mr5yrp mr5yr
mrmedp nmrmed
mrmemg nmrmemg
mrrgn mrrgnx
nbamed nbamedd
nbamedp nbamed
nmrmedp nmrmedr
nocprpb nocpr
ocopb oco
ocprpb nocpr
ocprmg nocprmg
ocspb ocs
papersp papers
patent95 patent
pjfam ptfam
pjnond ptnond
pjocna ptocna
pjot ptot
pjotp ptret
pjret ptretyp
pjretyr ptretyr
pjstu ptstu
pprs95p pprs95
prmbripb prmbr
prmbrpb prmbr
promtgip promtgi
ptot ptotp
racethmp raceth
racethp raceth
refyr year
salarp salary
tcadv acadv
tcafdg ccafdg
tcchg acchg
tccar accar
tcdgcmp tcdgcm
tcskl acskl
tclic aclic
tcint acint
tcot acotp
ugbalpb ugbal
ugloanpb ugloan
wkswk wkswkx
wkswkp wkswkgr
wrkgpip wrkgp
wktrnip wktrni
wtrsn wtreasn

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