IPUMS-Higher Ed Data Releases and Revisions

December 12th, 2016.
Fixed variables
The variables NWILL and NDGMED were unintentionally removed, and now have been made available.
November 8th, 2016.
Fixed 2013 data.
Replaced SESTAT 2013 NSCG and SDR data released on August 5th, 2016 with correct data. For that release, the full-survey public use datasets had mistakenly been used instead of the SESTAT versions. Fewer variables are included in the SESTAT files compared to the full-survey files, so many variables that appeared to include SESTAT 2013 NSCG and SDR data have now been adjusted.
Fixed variables
The weight variables WEIGHT and WTSURVY consisted of entirely missing values starting with the August 2016 release due to a metadata error, and have now been restored to valid values.
Edited enumeration text.
The enumeration text on a number of variables was incorrect and have been fixed.
August 5th, 2016.
Added 2013 data.
Added 2013 data to existing variables and created new variables specifically for the 2013 samples. The new version of HIGHERED now contains the vast majority of the variables from the original files, without loss of information. There will be a small number additional variables from the S-NSCG 2013 sample added in the near future.
Edited variables.
Changed names and labels of numerous variables to reduce confusion (e.g., removing unnecessary indications from the original datasets of "public use", "p" and "pb" because all data on the site are in fact public use). Variable codes and value labels were altered in a small number of cases as well.
October 15, 2015.
Added variables.

CPI conversion factors for adjusting reported salary incomes for inflation are now available.

  • CPI2009C is the Consumer Price Index conversion factor to convert SALARY, an income variable which used a reference period of the current year.
  • CPI2009P is the Consumer Price Index conversion factor to convert HHINC and EARN, income variables which used a reference period of the previous year.
Edited variables.
A metadata error was identified that caused both WTSURVY and WEIGHT to be missing. This has now been corrected, and both weight variables now have valid values.

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