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Financial support for first bachelor degree: Other
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BAFOT indicates whether or not the respondent depended on a source of financial support during his/her first bachelor's degree other than the potential sources listed on the questionnaire. The respondent was asked to indicate all sources of financial support that applied. Other variables from this survey question include BAFAST, BAFEM, BAFERN, BAFGFT, BAFGRN, BAFLN, and BAFPLN.


First-time respondents to NSCG and NSRCG surveys answered a series of questions about their most recent, second most recent, and first bachelors (if it was not already one of the respondent's latest two degrees), including sources of financial support. Later, NSF determined which degree was the respondent's first bachelor's degree and assigned responses to this variable accordingly in the original NSF data.
Due to the follow-up survey design, the responses for this variable may have been allocated from the respondent's answers to a previous survey. All respondents filled out the education history questions in the first survey they returned, so it is not clear from the original documentation what determines the Logical Skip cases in some samples.


  • SESTAT NSRCG 1993: All respondents
  • SESTAT NSCG 1995: All respondents
  • SESTAT NSRCG 1995: All respondents
  • SESTAT NSCG 1997: All respondents
  • SESTAT NSRCG 1997: All respondents
  • SESTAT NSCG 1999: All respondents
  • SESTAT NSRCG 1999: All respondents


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